Having lent her talents to screens both big and small, Constance Wu only continues to establish herself as a premier actress. Whether it’s comedy, drama, or seemingly any genre in-between, Wu is taking Hollywood by storm. We should expect her to frontline a number of new, exciting projects in the near future. If you’re a fan of the Golden Globe-nominated Crazy Rich Asians and Fresh Off the Boat actress, you’ll probably want to know more about how Wu got her start and how she made it to where she is today. Here are just a few interesting facts worth knowing about the TV/film actress.

Both Of Her Parents Are Taiwan Immigrants

Born in Richmond, Virginia, Constance Wu is the daughter of two Taiwan immigrants. Growing up, Wu’s father served as a biology and genetics professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, as the actress said in a New York Times profile. She was also one of four daughters living in a first-generation household. Additionally, when she talks about her grandparents, she notes that they were bamboo farmers who couldn’t read or write. And, therefore, communication between them is unfortunately limited. Throughout her career, Wu continues to bring awareness to diversity and representation in Hollywood, and she has built her career on these foundational principles.

Constance Wu Considered Going To Columbia University’s Grad School Program But Ended Up Moving To Los Angeles

Constance Wu first started performing local theater during her time at Douglas S. Freeman High School, located in Henrico County. It was during her teenage years that she also participated in a six-month program at the Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute. From there, Wu studied at the State University of New York at Purchase’s Conservatory of Theatre Arts and she graduated in 2005. But while Wu was on the path to success in the acting field, there was a period of time where she briefly put those ambitions aside in order to study psycholinguistics. She considered studying at Columbia University to gain her graduate degree, but then she decided to firmly commit to acting. Furthermore, following a devastating break-up, Wu moved from New York City to California, where she sought out her professional ambitions in earnest.

She Turned Down A Bruce Willis Movie In Order To Do The Sundance Screenwriters Lab

Normally, if you’re an up-and-coming actress and you’re provided a chance to star in a new Bruce Willis movie, you’d jump at the opportunity. It might not make you a household name, necessarily, but it’s certainly good exposure and it puts you in a film with a semi-guaranteed audience, at least. Nevertheless, while Constance Wu was offered a role in one of the famous actor’s movies (in which film of his, it’s unclear), she turned it down to participate in the Sundance Screenwriters Lab alongside Yung Chang and Christopher Yogi. Through this educational experience, Wu learned how to direct and run a set. While this role was (probably) a decent-paying gig, this teaching experience — which she participated in for free — gave her an invaluable chance to meet and work with fellow Asian artists.